Tweet your political representative

Twitter is a really simple and direct way to contact decision makers, and raise awareness about your campaign at the same time.

This tool allows you to send a tweet directly to your local political representative. Depending on where you are in the UK this will be your Member of Parliament (MP), Members of the Senedd (MS), Members of Scottish Parliament (MSP) or Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLA). You can tell them about your campaign issue and ask for support. Simply complete your details below, and you can write your tweet about your campaign on the next page.

To use this tool you must have your own Twitter account.

Read more on using social media for campaigning in our local campaigns toolkit.

On the next page, you'll be taken to Twitter to write your tweet. You will need a Twitter account to do this, and your Twitter account name and the information you write in your tweet will be shared with your local political representatives (MP, MSP, MS or MLA depending on where you are in the UK). We'll use your email address to send you emails in the future, if you select 'yes' below.

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